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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

The Colomb Art Gallery London Announces Portrait Commission Service

To commission a portrait is appealing on many different levels; to those who appreciate unique art, others who never get the right results from studio portraits or for those who want to do something original. A portrait can also prove to be a wonderful and unusual present for a loved one or friend.

The two artists who undertake the portrait commissions, Stanley Kerr (oils on canvas) and Peter Wardle (chalks on paper), are masters in their field and are both represented by The Colomb Art Gallery London.

Stanley Kerr is a highly regarded painter who has worked as a practitioner of both conceptual art and commercial design. He is now a full time painter who exhibits both nationally and internationally. He has exhibited with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and his work is in many international private collections, including MCA Records in New York, with foundations in Paris, Beirut and Cyprus. His painting has been described as ‘frankly beautiful’ and ‘unnervingly perceptive.’ He explains his work as characterised by ‘super realism,’ where the subject is depicted in great detail with ‘sensitivity to the optical surface of the canvas’ creating enigmatic images. To view examples of Stanley Kerr’s work, please see the gallery website.

Peter Wardle has been a professional portrait painter for over forty years, working in Oxford, Toulouse, and London. His portraits are can be found in such prestigious places as The National Portrait Gallery and the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. He regularly exhibits with The Royal Portrait Society and has held numerous one man shows. To view examples of Peter Wardle’s work, please see the gallery website.

The portrait process is usually undertaken over a handful of sittings in which the artist has an opportunity to talk to the sitter and gain a sense of their mannerisms and character. The painting builds over time, changing as the artist has more contact with the subject. This process can be particularly appealing to those who find sitting in the glare of the camera lens an uncomfortable experience.

The portrait commissioning service was recently featured in the Marylebone Journal, in which The Colomb Art Gallery’s Managing Director Philip Short describes the experience of having his portrait painted:
“Part of the first sitting was just the two of us in conversation. We talked about our lives and got to know each other for a few hours. Stanley would soon discover certain gestures or mannerisms I have, and sketching he would aim to uncover these. Occasionally artists may simply place the subject into a certain position, but Stanley sketches from a variety of differing angles to find the most natural composition.”

The portraiture service that The Colomb Art Gallery provides is an opportunity for customers to take a step out of the ordinary. In a culture which is saturated with photographic visual images, an artistic portrait can be a refreshingly different experience. Photographic portraits, which are so reliant on the subject producing the perfect expression in the moment, can often be un-representative of the individual as a whole.

In collaboration with the artist, the customer can create a portrait which reflects both their physical appearance and their unique character. A commissioned portrait extends far beyond merely a visual record of one’s appearance; it is highly personal object. The authenticity of a beautiful portrait, and even the process of commissioning it, is exciting and the results are utterly unique.

The Colomb Art Gallery is a leading independent art gallery located in Central London. They provide a number of services alongside the sales and exhibiting of artwork and offering portrait commissions. 10 per cent of sales from gallery portrait commissions will be donated to the Rotary Club of Marylebone to support local causes.

To commission a portrait of for further information, please contact The Colomb Art Gallery London by telephone or email.

The Colomb Art Gallery
52a George Street, Marylebone,
London. W1U 7EA
020 7487 5118

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