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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Neil Alexander Photographic Landscapes at the New Bedford Art Museum

The New Bedford Art Museum presents Neil Alexander: Photographic Landscapes; Five Seasons — Louisiana and Massachusetts, currently on view through Jan 16.

Neil Alexander continues the theme of seasons, time and cycles of change in the Heritage Gallery with Photographic Landscapes – Five Seasons – Louisiana & Massachusetts curated by Nicole St. Pierre. One of the artists who stayed in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, Mr. Alexander’s life changed in a second. With his family he immigrated to Massachusetts and began making photographs here. Using Louisiana and Massachusetts as the pivot for his exhibition Mr. Alexander adds differing places to the NBAM theme.

Neil Alexander has been making documentaries for over 25 years. His work includes intimate cultural portraits about music, culinary traditions, architecture and religious customs of New Orleans and Louisiana. In addition to his film Finding Thuy, he is currently in post production on another film, A Year and a Day- a portrait of New Orleans begun a day before Hurricane Katrina struck the city and forever changed his life and everyone else who called New Orleans home. As a consequence he currently resides in Massachusetts with his wife and son.

In addition to his filmmaking Alexander is also a commercial photographer specializing in architecture and corporate clients. His film An Eye in the Storm and photographs of New Orleans during and after Katrina were on exhibit in the United States Pavilion at the Biennale in Venice Italy 2006. That show is currently on tour with the Department of State.

Nicole St. Pierre – Guest Curator

Image: Neil Alexander

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