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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

SOUPERgreen Exhibition at A+D Museum Los Angeles

SOUPERgreen an exhibition, on view February 12 – April 14, 2011, features five architectural propositions that critically challenge the discipline’s prevailing attempt to address the environmental crisis as either an engineering problem to be simply “solved” (by an invisibly banal technology), or camouflaged (by a slippery digital “performalism”).

Given the seriousness of this crisis, the complacency of both approaches is at odds with architecture’s historical responsibility for “placing us” in our environment. In contrast, SOUPERgreenexplores the way technology—reviled by many as the source of the problem and revered by others as its potential solution—may enhance architecture’s constructive engagement with the environment, by promoting more exuberant, rad, boss, and stoked green experiences.

Featuring newly completed projects by Wes Jones, Doug Jackson, Aryan Omar, Steven Purvis, and Randolph Ruiz, this “souped up” approach to green architecture leverages the expressive potential of a meaner, greener technology to produce an architecture that is not only environmentally responsible by quantifiable measures, but also critically, positively aware of what that really means.

About A+D Museum
Established in response to the need for a space that would be devoted expressly to the exhibition of progressive architecture and design in Los Angeles, A+D Museum opened its doors in January 2001 in the Bradbury Building, one of downtown Los Angeles’ premiere landmark buildings. located on Los Angeles’ Museum Row, A+D continues to be the only museum in Los Angeles where continuous exhibits of architecture and design are on view.

Image: A+D Museum

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