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VernissageTV Art TV hits 1500th Episode and Launces New Series

VernissageTV – the Internet’s unique TV art project — just published its 1,500th episode. Since its inception in September 2005, VernissageTV developed from an ad hoc video podcast project to an Internet TV channel and production house with worldwide coverage and audience. VernissageTV travels the world to offer its audience a glimpse into the world of contemporary art, design and architecture with its “No Comment” and Interview series. VernissageTV provides in-depth interviews with renowned art professionals and documentation of exhibitions, installations, and performance pieces. The objective is to give an authentic insight into the world of art.

Over the years, VernissageTV’s online archive has grown to a real treasure trove. By browsing the archive by tags and categories such as artist, year/month, genre, city or event, it’s possible to follow the development of artists and institutions, and analyze the mechanisms and rituals of today’s art system.

The beginnings of VernissageTV have also been the early days of Internet TV as we know it today. Back then, videos were incredible small and distribution channels limited. Those days are over. Today, VernissageTV publishes its shorts in High Definition via its website, partner sites, Internet TV networks, and set top boxes. VernissageTV’s program can be watched on the computer, at home on the TV set, and on the go with iPod, iPhone, iPad and other smartphones, mobile players and tablet computers.

“Reaching the 1,500 mark is a huge milestone for us” says VernissageTV’s founder Heinrich Schmidt. “When we started the project, we couldn’t really foresee the great evolution that VernissageTV has made. In 2011 we will introduce some exciting new features, but we will also have a look back at our beginnings with our new series of VernissageTV classics called r3. R3 is a new series of re-mastered, re-edited episodes, reissued in High Definition.”

The r3 series starts in January 2011. It will coincide with a series of Screenings at VernissageTV’s new studio Triath, designed by GernerGernerPlus Architects.

About Vernissage TV
VernissageTV is the Internet’s unique TV art project, which covers exhibitions and events in the fields of contemporary art, design and architecture. The objective is to give an authentic insight into the world of art by the means of film and video. VernissageTV materializes as video podcast / Internet TV channel / video archive. VernissageTV videocasts two series: The “No Comment” section and the interviews with the protagonists of the art world. VernissageTV is widely distributed via its website and Internet TV networks. Founded in September 2005 VernissageTV is growing steadily. Until now VernissageTV produced, published and archived over 1500 episodes.

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