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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Red Gate Gallery & Human Landscape Dance present an Evening of Live Dance and Music

Human Landscape Dance examines the relationship of body with environment. Dance does not take place in a vacuum. The context within which we perform says as much as the movements. By plying the counter tension between person and space, this group reveals humanity’s interdependence with our world.
Human Landscape Dance has distinguished itself by juxtaposing urban and natural iconography. The group’s work tests the boundaries with which we surround ourselves. In “Leaving Home,” 2007, they stage a metaphoric birth in a city park. The dance asks, which natural processes do we yet allow ourselves—or are we forced—to experience? Is there anything beyond sex, giving birth, and death from which we are blocking ourselves?
These dances do not advocate a return to the wild. Rather, they argue that we are still part of nature, despite arbitrary distinctions imposed by language and air conditioning. “Salmon Run,” 2004, points out how even our contrivances mimic nature. The dancers travel up the tiers of a fountain against the downward current of the stream. We are yet as immersed in nature as fish in water.
Human Landscape Dance uncovers layers of meaning between person and place. Their dances demonstrate the influence environment applies to statement. The group treats the interconnectedness of man and nature through modern dance in public spaces.”
Malcolm Shute, Artistic Director

Nearest Buses from Brixton/Camberwell: 35 (From Clapham Junction), 45 (From Kings X), 345 (From Sth Ken to Peckham), P4 (Brixton to Lewisham) Nearest Train: Loughboroug Junction (Thames Link via King X to Sutton)

Red Gate Gallery organizes a vast range of innovative exhibitions, from young and emerging artists, to the more established. The works we exhibit represent diverse themes and cultures, and employ a wide variety of media and materials. Most of the work is for sale by the artists. Red Gate Gallery & Studios were founded in 1998, and has since hosted over 450 art exhibitions and events! In fact, in October 2008, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary!

Live Performance Date: Saturday 20th June 2009, 7.00 – 10.00pm
Admission price: £8
Concession: £6
Book tickets in advance: [email protected] – 020 73260993

209a Coldharbour Lane,