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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Create a Masterpiece of Life With Personalized and Unique DNA Art

SAN DIEGO – MyGeneImage introduces a new and innovative way to personalize artwork. The company creates unique works of art through the use of DNA sequence and genetic codes. DNA extracted from individual cheek-swab samples is used to generate original expressions of art for individuals from newborns to grandparents, and every age in between.

How it Works

The process of generating the DNA Art is simple. By request through, individuals receive a Sample Collection Package including tools to swab the inside of the cheek to collect buccal cells, which hold the body’s DNA. The collection process is easy and painless, and is completed by simply pressing the collector against the inside of the cheek several times. The customer then sends the collector back to the MyGeneImage laboratory (in the provided pre-paid overnight envelope), where the DNA is extracted and generated into a fascinating piece of genetic art. The art creation process takes only two weeks.

Individuals help define their own pieces of art by selecting the specific gene sequence that is used in the final piece, as well as the design, background color and size of the artwork. Customers select one of three forms of DNA Art: myArtwork, reflections of the individual’s gene sequence displayed in picturesque art; myCrystal, DNA sequence engraved inside a crystal structure with the 2D or 3D picture of the individual; or myGenetic ID, the ultimate identification card with genetic markers to truly distinguish an individual from others.

Why DNA Art?

MyGeneImage designs DNA Art to impress and inspire the individual and to captivate exploration of genetic origins. Each work of art is remarkable and unique as it displays the magnificence of the DNA sequence with the individually selected gene. MyGeneImage is committed to maintaining state-of-the-art techniques to create new art forms and offering all customers a compelling introduction into the basis of their genetic origin.

About MyGeneImage

MyGeneImage uses DNA and genetic sequencing to develop unique pieces of personalized Art. The MyGeneImage laboratory is located in the Sorrento Mesa area of San Diego, a hotbed for the biotech industry, and its professionally trained staff includes an experienced scientific and technical team. MyGeneImage partners with Eton Bioscience Inc., a privately held company that provides biological research communities of academia and industry with services, which assist in ongoing experiments and investigations in a diverse array of biomedical research topics aimed at discovering cures for diseases such as hypertension, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, cystic fibrosis, along with many other important human diseases. For more information, visit

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