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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Fallen: Carlos Huante and Jose Ismael Fernandez opens at Varnish

San Francisco, CA – Fallen 2-artist show of drawings, new media painting and sculpture opens with a reception for the artists Carlos Huante and Jose Ismael Fernandez on Friday October 10 from 6pm to 10pm.

Creator of some of the most innovative monsters and characters for film though his work at Lucas Digital, Carlos Huante unveils for the first time his series of prints alongside classical cast metal sculptor Jose Ismael Fernandez in their 2-artist exhibition at Varnish entitled Fallen. Fernandez works in a larger scale, experimenting with various and varied patinas, staying true to his love of the human form while using the sculptural language of today. Huante tells the story of truth as he sees it in everyday life, while Fernandez connects today with the ancient theme of our struggle with a hostile world/.

For Carlos Huante, everyday life and music influences his work, but especially his faith which is the lens through which he sees everything. In this latest series of new media paintings and drawings, Huante addresses “upside downs.” “I like to find the truths that I believe in every day life and talk about those things through my work,” says Huante.

Sculptor Jose Ismael Fernandez is heavily influenced by realism and more importantly the Classical love of the human form, but he allows his imagination to run free, thereby freeing his vocabulary along with the figures he creates. “Much of my work,” says Fernandez, “deals with Ancient biblical themes, specifically the struggle of mankind both with his self and with the inherent hostility that’s to be found in the outside world…Ultimately the only symbol that matters is the piece itself, and how each individual chooses to see it.”

*High-resolution images available upon request
Gallery Directors Jennifer Rogers and Kerri Stephens opened Varnish Fine Art on April 19, 2003. Beginning with the remains of a brewery built just after the 1906 earthquake, Rogers and Stephens designed and rebuilt the space, including a main gallery, mezzanine gallery and wine bar, combining gallery with community.

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