. April 21, 2018

Learn to share your art practice on social media with ICA’s very own ICA online content manager and communications manager Sarah Fullerton. She’ll talk about strategies, best practices, and discuss the various platforms for communicating your work.

Sarah Fullerton leads the campus-wide communications strategy for the Arts + Design Initiative at UC Berkeley. Sarah is an experienced marketing and communications professional dedicated to the success of Bay Area artists and arts organizations. She has a long history of working with non-profits, artists, and academic institutions. Currently, Sarah also works with individual Bay Area-based artists to build their online presence and reach. Her strategic knowledge of big picture campaigns, social media, website usability and user experience is what Sarah leverages to bring brand visibility and awareness to the arts community and the wider public. Sarah comes to UC Berkeley’s Arts + Design Initiative after serving as the Marketing and Development Manager at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). Her engaging social media campaigns have won her recognition in their ability to engage users through art on a personal level.


Category: Fine Art News

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