. April 19, 2018

Join O.M. France Viana for a night of social artistry and decadent desserts at the Ube Trade. Exchange a food memory for Filipino ube/purple yam ice cream and sweets. For this interactive project, Viana invites the audience to share their food memories in exchange for a dessert made of ube, also known as purple yam. The tuberous root vegetable is a naturaly, vivid purple color and is known within the Filipino and South East Asian countries as a main ingredient in cakes, pastries, and ice cream. The ICA Lounge will be transformed into a social site where guests engage in a ritualistic appreciation of food with the artist.

O.M. France (AKA France Viana) is a multimedia artist, working in photography, painting, collage, video and installation. Her artworks interrogate the semiotics of color, the inner experiences of meditation and mindfulness, and Filipino American identity as expressed through Radical Hospitality.

Website: https://www.sjica.org/

Category: Fine Art News

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