440 Gallery Present Mending Fragments: Hide & Seek

Two-person exhibition with Leigh Blanchard and Amy Weil on view January 5th- February 5th

Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY – 440 Gallery is pleased to present Mending Fragments: Hide & Seek, a two-person exhibition featuring the photography of Leigh Blanchard and the mixed media paintings of Amy Weil.

Amy Weil, The Swing

Amy Weil, The Swing

Leigh Blanchard uses photography to consistently push the definition of what a photograph is. By digitally stripping away information present in old photographs, Leigh allows fragments of images to appear, hinting at what used to be, while revealing a new perspective. This rebirth of the image grants it fluidity and a paintlike organicism that isn’t typically seen in traditional photography.

Amy Weil uses an additive and subtractive technique to build up layers of pigmented wax. Weil scrapes down and inscribes the surface of the wax; collaged materials incorporated into the surface become buried in the layers of the piece. This process of scraping and collaging—a dichotomy between order and chaos—reveals fragmented images like an old memory.

Blanchard and Weil have a similar conceptual approach to creating their art even though they employ different processes; both explore the philosophical while maintaining a playful curiosity. The artists both embrace the thought behind the Japanese pottery technique Kintsugi—they visualize fragments as positive, additive elements as opposed to something that is missing.

Blanchard received a BFA in photography from Parsons School of Design. Her work has been included in shows in New York, Illinois, and Michigan including Milk Gallery in NYC. Through January 15, 2017, Leigh is participating in the group show, Photography Is Your Passion, in La Grange, Illinois. Amy Weil, BFA, studied painting at Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia. Her work has been included in shows in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts and her work can be found in private collections throughout the U.S. and Europe. This summer, Amy will be exhibiting in the New Jersey-based group show Brooklyn Artist.

For more information about this work or any of our artists, please contact Amy Williams at gallery440@verizon.net or 718.499.3844