Sophia Allison and Leanne Lee: Passage

ICA Front Windows Passage by Sophia Allison and Leanne Lee is composed of used coffee filters that have been dried, ironed, color treated and stitched together into organic forms. The artists arrange the forms into clusters to create an installation reminiscent of a floral environment. Allison is known for her paper and textile pieces often inspired by the landscape in her home state of North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Lee creates highly-detailed paintings that produce multidimensional effects and are poised between painting and sculpture. For Passage, the artists intermixed stained coffee filters and hand-drawn patterns on torn rice paper. In addition to the botanical imagery found in both artists’ individual oeuvre, the piece references landscapes from Allison’s work as well as Korean symbols and motifs common in Lee’s work. Passage was originally installed for the Department of Cultural Affairs at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The installation was on view at LAX from 2012 to 2013 as part of the Los Angeles World Airport Art Program. Both artists live and work in Los Angeles.

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