Frank To exhibits world’s first depiction of Machiavelli’s The Prince

FRANK To, the Glasgow-based artist with an emerging reputation as a contemporary figurative painter, will showcase the world’s first depiction of Machiavelli’s masterpiece The Prince at an exhibition in The Leith Gallery, Edinburgh next month.

Machiavelli's Law - The Fox

Machiavelli’s Law – The Fox

To has chosen to depict a selection of key scenes from the famous book and, in another first, feature text excerpts from The Prince translated into Auld Scots.

Of his exhibition, he said: “From all the Machiavelli scholars I have consulted, none has found any records of any other artist having depicted The Prince.

“I have always been fascinated by the Italian Renaissance – recent exhibitions have featured Dante’s Divine Comedy and anatomical studies inspired by the great Leonardo Da Vinci – and have been researching how power can be wielded to manipulate others.

“Inspired by research into illustrated books for children, especially those by Roald Dahl featuring illustrations by Quentin Blake, the exhibition features paintings of children portrayed in a Machiavellian way because, as far as I’m concerned, children are the most Machiavellian little creatures imaginable!

“In this latest exhibition, I’m exploring the dark concept of art, though disguised in an innocent, Machiavellian way.”

To’s Machiavelli-inspired paintings can be seen in as part of a joint exhibition with artist Jacqueline Marr called Ying and Yang opening at The Leith Gallery in Edinburgh on Saturday 4th April.

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