Opens Thursday 12/11: Tenth Annual Small Works Show

40 Gallery celebrates the tenth year of hosting its Small Works Show. This much anticipated juried exhibition regularly opens with an overflow crowd spilling onto Sixth Avenue. There are three awards given each year: the Curators Award, the 440 Award, and the popular People’s Choice Award which is determined by the number of “Likes” received by the works in the show, posted on 440 Gallery’s Facebook page.

The artists chosen for the show are: Jo-Ann Acey, Kristin Adamczyk, Lianne Alcon, Arshes Anasal, M.P. Armelin, Eric Banks, Christina Baril, Stephen Basso, Joshua Beliso, Stacy Bergener, Sue Blanchard, Adisak Chiwhanung, Frieda Christofides, Casey Concelmo, Milan DelVecchio, Tom Duimstra, Rina Dweck, Joan Easton, Jim Ebersole, Richard Estrin, Janice Everett, Donna Festa, Debra Friedkin, Alan Gaynor, Gail Ghezzi, Sean Grandits, Susan Greene, Susan Greenstein, Rachel Heinold, Barbara Hessel, Doug Holst, Owen Karrel, Jamie Kay, Matthew Kirby, Roz Kochman, Tara Kopp, Marina Korenfeld, Taeko Kuraya, Matthew Langland, Camille Laoang, Kathleen Erin Lee, Jeanette Levy, Robert Lobe, Chris Lucius, Brian Madonna, Sabina Magnus, Tali Margolin, Spencer Merolla, Isabelle Milkoff, Todd Molinari, Ellen Moses, Kellie Murphy, Ronald Peters, Cindy Press, Anna Redwine, Mari Renwick, James Rose, Mark Rosenthal, Evan Schwartz, Natasha Shapiro, Jenine Shereos, Stephan Sieg, Ross Smirnoff, John Sousa, Elizabeth Sowell-Zak, Marcy Sperry, William Tarnowski, Preston Trombly, Lisa Tubach, Dominique Vitali, Jeanne Marie Wasilik, Amy Weil, Jeanne Wilkinson, Dale Williams, Divine Williams, Cindy Zaglin, Dganit Zauberman, Erin Zelley.