New Drawings: Mexico and New York City Ink Drawings and Collages by Vicki Behm

Brooklyn, NY– Vicki Behm views fragments of daily life in detail, noting idiosyncrasies and ironies with warmth and gentle mirth. In her second solo exhibition at 440 Gallery, New Drawings: Mexico and New York City, Behm presents her latest set of lively black ink drawings on hand made paper and collages. Her works comprise images she encounters in her hometown of New York City and Oaxaca, Mexico, where she spends her summers: old bicycles, Volkswagen beetles, antique typewriters, denizens of Union Square Park, neighborhood cafés, plates of tarts, cheese displays, bottles of tequila, cowboy boots at a flea market. She incorporates labels from food packages and bottles, and 1920s postage stamps from Oaxaca. The drawings have a flattened and tilted perspective; the negative space competing for interest with the subject. Behm demonstrates an expressive line quality and lyrical style. The inclusion of incidental components reflects a meticulous attention to her surroundings, while keeping a light playfulness at the heart of each image.

New Drawings: Mexico and New York City opens on Thursday, January 16 and will run through February 23, 2014. The public is welcome to an Opening Reception on Saturday, January 18, 2:00 – 5:00 PM. Several events related to the exhibition are planned, including a hands-on workshop for children, a cooking demonstration and viewing of short films. More information will be available at