Utah Museum of Fine Arts presents salt 5. Daniel Everett

. April 8, 2012

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts presents salt 5. Daniel Everett, an exhibition on view view through July 29, 2012.

Daniel Everett, Monument I/ Monument II/ Monument III, inkjet print, courtesy the artist.

salt 5: Daniel Everett is the fifth in the Museum’s series of exhibitions featuring innovative art from around the world. Working in photography, video, and installation, artist Daniel Everett investigates the ways in which the human-made landscape shapes and structures our experience as individuals.

Working in a range of mediums, artist and Utah resident Daniel Everett investigates the ways in which the built environment shapes our experience as individuals. His work explores ideas relating to architecture, virtual and physical space, modes of vision and surveillance, and the legacy of modernism. salt 5: Daniel Everett includes several photographic prints, two video pieces, and new mixed-media installations.

A highlight of salt 5: Daniel Everett is the artist’s photographic works, which often feature what curator Jill Dawsey calls “anonymous architecture”: generic buildings and structures that serve as spaces of transience. In his Monument series, Everett places images of standard security booths against gradient pink, blue, or green backgrounds, leaving them to float freely and detached from their original context. By referring to these minimal, mass-produced structures as “monuments,” Everett may suggest that they serve a commemorative function, perhaps paying homage to modernist architecture of the past. Yet the buildings also serve an authoritative purpose of security and surveillance, complicating their perceived banality. Like much of Everett’s work, the Monuments are both inviting and unnerving.

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