The Frist Center Presents Tracey Snelling Exhibition Woman on the Run

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The Frist Center for the Visual Arts pdisplays the work of California-based artist Tracey Snelling in a new exhibition Woman on the Run on view Sept. 9, 2011–Feb. 5, 2012. Snelling’s sculptures of highly detailed vernacular buildings, streets and rundown neighborhoods show a keen sensitivity to the psychological tensions and hidden narratives of modern life in small-town America.

Tracey Snelling. Woman on the Run, 2008–2011. Mixed media, Collection of the artist. Photo by Etienne Frossard.

Woman on the Run—a large tableau of architecture, sculpture, film, video, neon signs, audio and materials drawn from everyday life—provides a film-noir-like setting for a crime story in which a mysterious woman in Arizona is sought for questioning in the murder of her husband.

Throughout the installation, views seen through windows and overheard conversations offer clues as to whether the woman is victim or femme fatale, enabling the viewer to become both a witness and an actor in the story.

By placing the viewer in the position of voyeur, Tracey Snelling calls attention to the ways in which film noir and other elements of popular culture have shaped our shared consciousness.

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