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Constantine Ltd. (, is a leading fine art packing, and transportation company.

Constantine Ltd. knows that many of the objects they handle are very precious to their customers, and they pride themselves on making sure that your customer experience is easy and stress free.

It can be hard to trust someone else with art packing, especially if it’s a family heirloom, an extremely fragile statue, or a painting that’s hundreds of years old. Constantine makes sure that they provide the highest quality art packing possible. Constantine’s previous experiences with art packing have included packing miniature portraits, giraffes, a Messerschmidt Bubble Car, and the largest works on canvas.

Another feature offered by Constantine is fine art storage in either private or shared rooms. . Constantine offers private storage rooms for customers, which are individually climate and humidity controlled. Constantine makes sure that their antique storage system employs a state of the art bar-coding system, which allows you to retrieve your belongings whenever you want. No matter how you choose to go about your fine art storage, maximum security and fire zoning is applied to all areas.

No matter what you’re needs, whether its fine art storage, art packing, shipping, or installation, Constantine Ltd. makes sure your valuables are being handled just how you would handle them, with care and attention.

About Constantine Ltd.
Constantine Ltd. is a company of distinction and one of Europe’s leading fine art packing and transportation companies. Constantine Ltd. aims to provide clients with a level of service formed by years of experience within the fine arts industry. Constantine’s unique and versatile services are tailored to each particular client, whether packing and storing individual collections, or coordinating the most complex shipments and installations. For more information about Constantine Ltd. please visit

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