Atlantic Center For the Arts Residencies

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Since 1982, Atlantic Center’s residency program has provided artists from all artistic disciplines with spaces to live, work, and collaborate during three-week residencies.

Located just four miles from the east coast beaches of central Florida, the pine and palmetto wooded environment contains six award-winning studios that include a resource library, painting studio, sculpture studio, music studio, dance studio, black box theater, writer’s studio, and digital computer lab. Each residency session includes three master artists of different disciplines. The master artists each personally select a group of associates—talented, emerging, midcareer artists—through a formal application process administered by ACA. During the residency, artists participate in formal sessions with their group, collaborate on projects, and work independently. The relaxed atmosphere and unstructured program provide considerable time for artistic regeneration and creation.

FULL Scholarships to attend FREE are available for painters and sculptors (through The Joan Mitchell Foundation) and composers (through The Sally Mead Hands Foundation) for ALL accepted artists who submit ACA Financial Aid forms upon acceptance. Limited additional Financial Aid is available for writers through The Pabst Charitable Foundation for the Arts and Atlantic Center for the Arts Advance an Artist Program.

For more information on how to apply, please telephone (386) 427-6975 or (800) 393-6975 or visit

The following artists will be in residence at Atlantic Center for the Arts in 2012.

Residency #144
Application deadline: October 21, 2011
Elizabeth Hand, noir fiction
Liz Lerman, choreographer
TJ Wilcox, visual arts

Residency #145
Application deadline: February 3, 2012
Gregory Orr, poetry
Paul Dresher, composer
TBA, visual artist

Residency #146
Application deadline: March 23, 2012
Marie Howe, poetry
Pepon Osorio, visual arts
Melinda Wagner, composer

YOUR WORD Teen Writing Residency
(Open to teen writers 14–18 years of age)
(Application deadline: April 11, 2012)
Jericho Brown, poetry
Peter Trachtenberg, memoir
Pam Houston, fiction

Residency #147
Cartoonist Residency
(Application deadline: May 18, 201)
Ellen Forney, cartoonist
Megan Kelso, cartoonist
Josh Neufeld, nonfiction cartoonist

Image: Atlantic Center for the Arts,Leeper Studio

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